Our philosophy, our vision, our goal

Who we are

We are a team of professional pilots, engineers and TKIs (Theoretical Knowledge Instructors) who are passionate for what we do and for the theoretical training of future airline pilots. We put our skills and experience at your disposal to enrich your knowledge of ATPL (A) subjects and to facilitate your preparation for the ATPL (A) exams.

Our Platform

Our platform was created with the aim of helping ATPL students who have to prepare for theory exams. Here at ATPL Academy you will find teaching materials such as video courses, books in electronic and paper format, and question databases, carefully designed for the needs of ATPL students.

Our Vision

Create an online platform with high quality content, where it is possible to learnstudy, and deepen the subjects of the ATPL (A) course. Our goal is to facilitate and accelerate YOUR preparation for the ATPL theory examinations.

We do not like shortcuts. Instead, we believe in professionalism, seriousness and the importance of your learning and skills. Your career begins with your training. Learning at this stage of your profession will be crucial for the safety you provide to your crew, your passengers and your operator.

Our Experience

For us at ATPL Academy, human resources are the basis of excellence in training.

We carefully evaluate and select our instructors and staff. Our team consists of currently qualified airline pilots on Boeing 737 Classic, Boeing 737 NG, Boeing 737 Max and Citation Mustang c510 with thousands of flight hours. Many of us work as TKI (Theoretical Knowledge Instructors) with the most prestigious International flight schools. Our TKIs have an experience of thousands of hours of theoretical teaching, which over the years have helped hundreds of ATPL students in their preparation for theoretical examinations.

Our goal: YOUR theoretical ATPL exams

We are fully aware that it is very difficult to prepare for the ATPL exams on your own. ATPL theory examinations require a lot of time, study and effort.

For this reason, with the aim of helping you to SUCCESSFULLY pass the ATPL examinations, we have created and will continue to create teaching materials of the highest quality, which will facilitate and accelerate your learning and preparation for the ATPL examinations.

Who we are NOT

We are not an ATO (Approved Training Organisation).

Our aim is NOT to give you a certification for the theoretical ATPL (A) course, you will get that from the certified ATO you attend. Our contents are intended to accompany you during your self-study, providing you with outstanding support in preparing for your ATPL (A) examinations.