An extraordinary book, 100% compliant with the latest version of the EASA Theoretical Knowledge Syllabus.

Its simplicity, clarity and comprehensiveness will accelerate and ease your path to preparing for the EASA ATPL (A) Radio Navigation examination.

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This book has been written in accordance with the latest Learning Objectives established by EASA and contained within the Aircrew regulation (Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011). This product is therefore fully compliant with the latest version of the EASA ATPL (A) theoretical syllabus for Radio Navigation.

Starting from this basis, we have developed this textbook:

  • to provide the student with an in-depth understanding of each topic;
  • to facilitate preparation for the relevant ATPL (A) examination;
  • to support the application of Radio Navigation in flight operations.

The first chapters of this book are dedicated to the properties of electromagnetic waves, their propagation theory and how they can be used to carry information from a transmitting station to a receiving station.

The subsequent chapters cover the implementation of radio waves in aviation, analysing onboard equipment and transmission systems positioned both on the ground and in space. The analysis of radio navigation systems begins from the most basic devices up to the most advanced and recent technologies, such as the satellite navigation system and area navigation.

Some Technical Features

The book is in A4 format and consists of more than 350 colour pages. Each chapter has been explained in a simple, clear and detailed manner, with the aim of providing the student with an outstanding product for the preparation of the EASA ATPL (A) Radio Navigation examination. The book contains more than 330 high-resolution colour images, which will help you in learning the concepts of the subject.

Who is this book written for?

For all students who have to prepare for the EASA ATPL (A) Radio Navigation theory examination.

This book is also dedicated to all professional and private pilots who want to deepen their knowledge of Radio Navigation, which is essential today to operate safely and efficiently in modern aviation.

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